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A First Look at the Vampiress Joining Tekken Revolution


A First Look at the Vampiress Joining Tekken Revolution

The Tekken series has always featured a colorful cast of characters full of devils, angels, cyborgs, robots, bears, kangaroos, raptors, and schoolgirls. The fans have voted in a poll that was held by Namco Bandai for what their next character ought to be, and a female vampire came out the victor. Courtesy of Katsuhiro Harada at the recent MASTERCUP.6 tournament, the render for the female vampire character was shown off.

The only information about her is that she is supposed to be a young girl that has been imprisoned by the extremely wealthy Rochefort family for whatever reason. She was originally intended to debut in Tekken 6, but the development team had to ditch the concept due to unforeseen circumstances where a large portion of the staff was either getting married or having babies at around the same time, and there wound up being no time. Apparently, the same thing sort of happened again when they considered including her again in Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion, and the concept has been locked away since.

The strange this is this isn't very strange for Tekken.

The strangest thing is that this isn’t very strange for Tekken.

Currently, there are no details about her name or fighting style, other than that she would be using an actual martial art, but with the power to produce fireballs, almost like Ryu and Ken from the Street Fighter series.

New characters in the Tekken series are usually something very special and well-crafted, so fans of the games can expect something great when she finally makes her debut in Tekken Revolution, exclusively for the PlayStation 3. As of now, there is no word of when the character will be completed and the game will be updated to include her, but for now, you can be sure to get the new update from several days ago featuring bug fixes, more customization options, game modes, and tons more.

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