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EVE Online: Rubicon Launches Today – Power to the People


EVE Online: Rubicon Launches Today – Power to the People

Easily one of the most fascinating games in existence, EVE Online is taking yet another bold step forward with the release of its 20th expansion; Rubicon.

What’s exciting about this expansion is that it appears to be balancing the game towards individual players. traditionally, the way to play EVE Online is to ally with a corporation or pirate group and acts as a cog in its larger macro-game wheel. With Rubicon, the focus is much more on action and creating sparks of chaos throughout the universe. Here’s what developer CCP has to say about it:

Rubicon embodies the EVE pilots’ first true actions of open opposition against the powerful, monolithic empires that used to hold them under their sway.   Through their bold actions, they begin to expand the already unmatched autonomy they have over their massive and persistent game universe.

One of the problems with EVE Online is that it has a ridiculous difficulty curve for new players. It would appear this expansion is at least partly designed to appeal to the curious, and I’m inclined to admit I’m one of the curious. Perhaps it’s time to give EVE a spin after all these years.

You can find out more about EVE Online: Rubicon here.

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