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Epigenesis Preview – Far From Finished


Epigenesis Preview – Far From Finished

I recently sat down and played the blood-sport PC game Epigenesis with the Twinfinite Staff.  Though we agreed that the game was, for the most part, highly unpolished (it is in Alpha, after all), we also agreed that it had a fair bit of potential.


The game revolves around the simple idea of taking a ball and putting it through the other team’s goal. This by itself sounds simple, but try accomplishing this while on small platforms hundreds of feet off the ground and being shot at by other players. Things get chaotic very quickly as both teams dash to the ball at the start of the game. This is followed by a player obtaining the ball and running towards the opposing team’s goal. There is very little anybody else can do at this point, as the laser guns you’re given are nearly impossible to aim at a fast moving and tiny target. The only hope the opposing team has is the ball-carrier falling off the stage due to the clunky jump mechanic, therefore resetting the ball.

Epigenesis, in its current state, ultimately boils down to getting to the ball first. However, what it lacks in depth it makes up for in chaotic action. There is no time to breathe in the 10 minute-long rounds and you’ll be fighting other players, and the controls, every step of the way. If you do manage to score a goal, you’ll be given a strange seed that can be planted to create large vine-stalks that give your team a slight maneuverable-advantage.


The strangest part of Epigenesis is that the winning team seems to be determined at random at the end of each round. There were multiple instances where one team would clearly outscore the other, only to be declared the loser at the end of the match. This is just one of the bugs we encountered in our time with it.

There’s a lot that the guys over at Dead Shark Triplepunch need to do to bring Epigenesis to a full release, but what they have at the moment isn’t half bad and can be bought on Steam for $9.99. If you’re feeling an itch for old PC shooters like Unreal Tournament and Quake, this is sure to scratch it.


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