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Eon Altar Brings Tabletop Adventures to Your Digital Devices


Eon Altar Brings Tabletop Adventures to Your Digital Devices

Tabletop gaming has come full circle by going from the table to the tv right back to the table. How, you say? By going to your tablets and smartphones. Flying Helmet Games has started a Kickstarter to create Eon Altar, a tabletop video game with cross platform play among a variety of mobile devices to play simultaneously. Up to five people can play simultaneously around a TV, any computer monitor, or a tablet device, preferably one big enough so that everyone can see the onscreen action as well as possible, that displays the gameboard and cutscenes.

One very interesting thing about this is that this will have fully rendered cutscenes and events. Sure, it leaves less to the imagination compared to traditional tabletop games, but it should also be fun to literally see your characters as they grow and get into whatever shenanigans. Also, one advantage is that your respective mobile devices will be where you will manage your characters and select various actions, which may leave other plays in greater suspense than if you would regularly declare out loud that you are totally about to betray the hell out of them. This also opens up some more opportunities in the given dialogue for you to recite, allowing you to omit whatever you please and strategize accordingly.

As quaint as traditional tabletop games may be with the many gamepieces and papers, some ought to be relieved to find an alternative with the convenience of having another adventure with their mobile devices. Eon Altar seems like it can be a lot of fun for players looking for a game with an eclectic mix of the old and the new. Just don’t forget to bring your phone and tablet chargers.

You can help support Eon Altar and see more information on the game right here.

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