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Deadfall Adventures Review – Which Explorer Am I?


Deadfall Adventures Review – Which Explorer Am I?

Oh my god, this f***ing game.

Deadfall Adventures is a game starring the character James Quartermaine, grandson of famous adventurer Allen Quartermaine (from King Solomon’s Mines). A hard drinking, hard living, mercenary-esque explore, this no-nonsense, shoot first, ask questions later persona is hired by British special services to prevent some ancient occult power from landing in the hands of, who else, the Nazis.

Heard this all before? Of course you have, this is straight out of any sort of Indiana Jones pulp-fiction. Deadfall Adventures tries its best to emulate its heroes Indiana Jones and Uncharted but unfortunately it just ends up falling dead in comparison.

Ha, that was bad.


Honestly, I can barely force myself to care about the details because everything else is pretty much the same as any other adventure game featuring the “rugged, anti-hero, explorer”. Characterization begins and ends with introductions and within the first 5 minutes of meeting anybody, you’ll know exactly who they are without ever needing to know anything more about them. They’re that cliche for this sort of story. Jennifer Goodwin, the secret service member who hired you and shows off cleavage while sporting… some sort of British (Cockney maybe?) accent, the Nazi doctor who is the main bad guy following the whole “Nazis believe in the occult” thing, and his lead henchman Big Nazi guy with thick German accent and acts as the main muscle. Additionally there’s an ancient mummy curse that brings back dead Egyptians. It’s really silly how predictable the whole game is.

Gameplay has a few flourishes, such as duel wielding pistols, and a mummy killing mechanic that requires you to burn them with your flashlight before finishing them off with bullets a la Alan Wake. However, it remains your typical FPS that’s fun to play in some parts and not so fun to play in others. It’s that sort of fickle gameplay that lends itself better to specific environments and gameplay portions but hamper progress in others.

So while everything is technically sound in this game, nothing stands out. Puzzle solving involves environment manipulation, pulling out your notepad for hints and clues, shooting anything and everything. It’s all very much the same as any other game you’ve played before with these exact same mechanics.

Graphically the game is fine and may be the most exciting part of the game. Only problem is that it suffers from the same generic quality as narrative and characters. I just can’t care about most of what’s happening around me only because somewhere in the back of my head I keep thinking “I’ve seen this somewhere before”.


I also came across a few technical issues but it was at a time when my usually competent laptop was having some network issues, so I honestly can’t tell you on whose end those issues came from. Though it didn’t hinder gameplay, the game kept crashing when I was trying to up my visual settings. I was unable to make more than one change at a time and if I tried to, the game would crash.

Honestly though, nothing about this game was bad. For fans of camp you’ll find something to enjoy here as you would a B-Movie. However there’s nothing here I can recommend that I wouldn’t be able to recommend something better instead. For the asking price of $39.99 it’s a steep entry fee for something you can get better and cheaper elsewhere and even for the sake of irony, there’s not much here to dig into. If you do, you’ll get an adventure story that’s really the checklist of adventure games, gameplay you’ve seen before, and almost offensively familiar characters. There’s nothing wrong here, but nothing new either, and where’s the fun in that?

Final Breakdown

[+Looks and plays fine][+Some gameplay flourishes][-Just so middling in everything it does][-Very high asking price for the experience]

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