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Celebrate PS4 Launch With New Uncharted, Last of Us DLC, and MGSV Exclusives


Celebrate PS4 Launch With New Uncharted, Last of Us DLC, and MGSV Exclusives

Today is the launch of the PS4; and while everyone and their mothers (we have cool moms) are scrambling to get their hands on the totally cool new system, Sony has announced a few exclusives last night. At the launch even in NYC, Sony showed off a teaser for the new Uncharted for the PS4, DLC for The Last of Us, and an exclusive mission for Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes.

The Uncharted teaser doesn’t reveal any game footage, but as the dramatic voiceover goes on about revenge in a sort-of “Bane from Dark Knight Rises” monologue a map shows Madagascar as the potential location for the next game. What I’m curious about, and perhaps this is just speculation on my end (although everything at this point is speculation on my end), but why is there no “4” at the end? Like people will just assume it will be Uncharted 4 but the omission has me thinking about it.

The Last of Us DLC teaser shows Ellie and a character named Riley Abel. The DLC titled The Last of Us: American Dreams takes place sometimes before the main game if I think this is supposed to be the time Ellie was on her own before meeting Joel. I could be mistaken though, it’s been months since I beat the game. You can bet there will be emotions though.

The Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes trailer is only slightly more confusing. I can’t tell if it’s a full mission or a character skin. Hideo Kojima did say the mission was titled “Deja Vu” so perhaps it’s a mission but it really just looks like playing the level as Classic Snake to me.

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