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Blood of the Werewolf Review – Hell Hath No Fury


Blood of the Werewolf Review – Hell Hath No Fury

A werewolf and a mother. Selena just lost her husband and her child has been taken by the evil forces of the night. It’s up to her to rip, tear, and gore through their enemies until she gets her only son back. And hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.


Blood of the Werewolf is a throwback to the old-school platformers. Games like Ducktales and Mega Man, that were both meticulously designed and notoriously difficult. Blood of the Werewolf follows in that tradition of cruel level-design, precise actions, and maybe a little luck needed in order to get through some obstacles.

The story follows Selena, a loving mother, werewolf, and one person you wouldn’t want to mess with… ever. The story is spread between levels in fully voiced narrations and I really liked the voice actress for Selena in the game. As a character, she beats out the silent, mysterious female protagonists by being an aggressive, but melancholic protagonist. At once devastated by her losses yet ready to gouge out the throats of those who wronged her.

The gameplay mechanic shows off both aspects of her as she’s only in Werewolf form when exposed to the moonlight and remains human throughout most of the game. Armed with a crossbow, her sections as a human requires more dexterity, while as a werewolf, one could compensate with sheer brutality. It’s a wonderful balance and playing as human Selena is the far more challenging and rewarding experience.


Levels are divided up between areas such as The Graveyard, or The Woods and then culminate in a boss fight against some of history’s most famous ghouls: Mr. Hyde, Dracula, etc. Meanwhile you fight enemies such as Black Lagoon creatures, banshees, zombies, and a myriad of other monsters.

Graphically, the game is richly detailed in a 2.5D style. The levels are are a callback to the sort of monster films of the past. It’s all really fantastic and the game stands apart visually alone if it weren’t for the fact that it’s also an amazing platformer. It’s also the small details that make me happy like the black-and-white title cards before the start of each new area.

There’s an idea that retro-platformers were simply hard, and to make a successful throwback to the genre is to make your game frustratingly difficult. This is a misconception of course as we know that it’s level-design that trumps all in platformers. There’s a certain tempo, good level design produces. Platforms in just the right places for precision, enemies sprinkled throughout for challenge, and obstacles that change  up the pace that either halt your progress, or have you pick up your speed lest you want to end up a corpse. Level-design is the structure that make up good platformers, not difficulty. If anybody understood that concept, it’s the folks behind Blood of the Werewolf.

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I like this game a lot. It’s really simple; if you like platformers, then you should get this game. If you like things that go bump in the night, challenges that make those hairs at the back of your neck stand, old-school monster movies, a protagonist who is the new horror poster girl for femme fatale, then even more reason to consider drinking Blood of the Werewolf.

[Final Breakdown]

[+Amazing design all around][+I’ve fallen in love with Selena][+Soundtrack is amazing][+Graphically unique][+Satisfying gameplay][-Some voice actors can’t decide to be serious or hammy][-F***ing bats]

Very Good

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