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Behind the Scenes of Resogun


Behind the Scenes of Resogun

Every once in a while I get in these moods where I don’t want anything to do with a narrative. In these random fits, I want a game that tests my dexterity, a game that is more focused on high scores, than rising and falling actions. Housemarque has a game that might be perfect for these moments, Resogun.

In a new behind the scenes video, released earlier today on the PlayStation blog, Housemarque discusses the driving force behind Resongun’s shoot-em-up game-play. “Resogun is a really primal game. It’s not about the story. It’s not about character, it’s about game-play,” says Tommaso De Benetti, Community Manager for Housemarque. There’s no branching dialog in Resogun, no pretentious statements on the current tropes of game design in Resogun. Its just a game with, what looks to be, great mechanics, a great soundtrack, and great aesthetics. Resogun is exactly what I’m in the mood for. Click the play button and see the majestic Resogun for yourself.

Resogun will be available for free as a PlayStation Plus game at launch. Earlier today, Sony also announced that every PS4 will come with a 30-day trial for PlayStation Plus, so there is absolutely no excuse for you not to play Resogun. 


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