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Adorable TF2 Short Has Warm & Fuzzy Pixar Feel


Adorable TF2 Short Has Warm & Fuzzy Pixar Feel

Everyone loves TF2’s “Meet the Team” movies, and with the Source Filmmaker you can create your very own videos in the Source engine, starring the lovable cast of Team Fortress 2. In fact, voting has recently begun for the Third Annual Saxxy Awards. You might be asking yourself, “What, praytell, are the Saaxy Awards?”

Put simply, fans submit videos they created in the Source Filmmaker (SFM for short) to Steam, where nominees in various categories are chosen. The winners are then selected by you, the voters. This year’s voting period lasts until midnight PST on November 24. The nominees will be revealed on November 25, and the winners of the 2013 Saxxy Awards will be announced on November 26.

In browsing through the submissions, one in particular stood out. “Lil’ Guardian Pyro,” which you can view above, is less than 5 minutes long, yet in that short amount of time manages to tug at the old heartstrings. Reminiscent of a Pixar short, it’s a self-contained narrative that’s warm and fuzzy. Think Team Fortress 2 meets Toy Story, but even more adorable. 

A miniature stuffed Pyro is charged with protecting a turret while the Engie is away. To do so, he must defeat the enemy team’s voodoo doll Spy. With cute little inside jokes (Get it? A pocket Medic?), an original soundtrack, and incredibly detailed animation, “Lil’ Guardian Pyro” is a real contender. If it were up to me, it would win all of this year’s Saxxy Awards.

Make sure to vote for “Lil Guardian Pyro” here!

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