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Cat Platformer A Walk in the Dark Now on Steam


Cat Platformer A Walk in the Dark Now on Steam

Know what I love? Cats. Know what I love slightly less but almost as much as cats? Video games with cats. In fact, those who know me know that I am irrationally biased when it comes to anything cat-related. You might say, “But cats torture and kill birds for sport!” to which I’ll reply, “But they’re good boys.” All cats are good boys, female felines included. Don’t ask questions, just roll with it.

A few weeks ago I mentioned my unshakable penchant for cats in a piece I wrote about an iOS game, Wake the Cat, which had recently been ported to Android devices. I downloaded it, expecting your average portable game: fun, but nothing special. However, it turned out to be great. Thus I’m gonna trust my “feline intuition” and say that A Walk in the Dark, an action platformer in which you play as a cat named Bast (no doubt a reference to the Egyptian goddess of cats, Bastet), is probably likewise great.


The premise is this: you’re a cat who is walking through the forest with your human, a cute little girl, when suddenly she is swept away by a terrible monster. To rescue her, you must use your dexterity and cat-like reflexes to run, jump, and slide through the shadowy and treacherous forest, filled with strange creatures and dangerous traps. At its heart, it’s a platformer, or should I say “cat-former,” that plays with gravity inversion mechanics. The precision of the mechanics are actually designed to make you move and feel like a cat, which I think is pretty rad. It features a beautifully gloomy, dark aesthetic, almost reminiscent of Limbo, and an original soundtrack to match.

Flying Turtle Software’s A Walk in the Dark was originally released November 7, 2013, but is now available on Steam for $6.99, complete with achievements, leaderboards, and cloud saves. The Steam release also features 10 “extra hard” levels in addition to the original 100 in the main story. If anything, this game might make me love cats even more.


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