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Luxuria Superbia: Strangely Sensual


Luxuria Superbia: Strangely Sensual

Today, Tale of Tales announced the release of their latest game, Luxuria Superbia. It is a complete departure, both aesthetically and conceptually, from their previous critically acclaimed titles, which delved into much darker territory. In The Graveyard, for instance, you play as an old woman who visits a cemetery and meditates on her own mortality. Heavy stuff.

And The Path, a short horror game based on the Little Red Riding Hood fairy tale, is a uniquely feminine look at the fine line between childhood and adulthood, a game that explores the often painful transition from girl to woman. You play as each of six sisters, ranging in age from 9 to 19, who are sent one-by-one on errands and instructed to “Go to Grandmother’s house and stay on the path.” Do you do as you’re told, or do you wander off into the woods, at the risk of encountering a wolf?


Each girl encounters a different wolf. The “wolves”  represent issues all-too-familiar to young women: wishing you didn’t have to grow up, feeling uncomfortable and trapped in a rapidly changing body, coping with a burgeoning sexuality, realizing that your body makes you a target for predators. Obviously I’ve gone on a tangent, but that’s just how much I love this game.

Anywho, how does one segue into Luxuria Superbia? Sex, I suppose. That’s the common thread here. Luxuria Superbia is “A simple game of touch, pleasure, and joy.” Visually, it looks a bit like Child of Eden, but the difference is you’re actively encouraged to give the game as much pleasure as you’re receiving. “It simply mimics the structure of the bedroom game to create a pleasant experience with abstract shapes,” developers Harvey and Samyn explain. That’s right, makin’ love the video game way.

It’s strangely sensual and chock-full of cheeky innuendo. Frequently, the game prompts you to “Touch me.” As you progress, and the visuals become more euphoric, it becomes readily apparent that the experience is, dare I say it, orgasmic, for both you and whatever system you’re playing it on. Luxuria Superbia features music by the talent of Walter Hus, which ebbs and flows with the intensity of the interaction.

Luxuria Superbia is, afterall, a game about the joys of physical interaction. It’s available for iPad, Android, and OUYA for $3.99 and for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux for $6.99.

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