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2K Games Unveils Awesome Bundle Deals


2K Games Unveils Awesome Bundle Deals

Who loves great games? You do. Who loves getting an amazing deal on great games? You had better. Lucky for you, 2K Games has you covered as they have announced a slew of bundles that will be sold for $30 each, containing two to three of their titles in one beautiful package for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and one for PC as well. The collections are as follows:

Essentials Collection (360/PS3)

  • BioShock
  • Borderlands
  • XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Rogues and Outlaws Collection (360/PS3)

  • Spec Ops: The Line
  • Borderlands 2
  • Mafia II

Power Pack (360/Ps3)

  • The Darkness II
  • BioShock 2
  • Mafia II

Definitive Strategy Collection (PC)

  • XCOM: Enemy Unknown
  • Sid Meier’s Civilization V

These bundles are arriving at just the right time, in time for the holidays. For more information on the games and where to purchase your copies, just check out the 2K blog post right here.

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