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10,000 PS4s Sold on eBay During Launch Weekend


10,000 PS4s Sold on eBay During Launch Weekend

With every big console launch comes the dreaded console shortage. People running around, frantically trying to secure their Christmas presents or maybe just their present to themselves for choosing to participate in another console war. These shortages have always lent themselves to the reselling of consoles via online auction sites such as eBay. A representative from eBay told Gamespot that more than 10,000 PS4 units were sold on the website on launch weekend, with around 13,000 listed as of November 18th.

People have also taken to selling their older consoles to fund next-gen console purchases, because listings of last-gen consoles saw a 25% spike in the days before the PS4 launch. eBay expects that the demand for the Xbox One will be just as high as that of the PlayStation 4. Only time will tell what console will be the victor in the eBay wars, who do you think will come out on top? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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