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Yoshi's Cookie is Being Taken Off the Wii Virtual Console


Yoshi's Cookie is Being Taken Off the Wii Virtual Console

So Europe, Asia and North American marketplaces are all seeing the removal of one of Nintendo’s older titles from the service. Yoshi’s Cookie for the NES has been available on the Virtual Console since 2008, and while it might not be the biggest part of Nintendo’s classics, it begs to question why? This isn’t the first game to get delisted from the Virtual Console, but those games that were had major licensing issues. That actually may be the reason.

The most logical explanation for this is that the developer Blue Planet Software (now owned wholly by the Tetris Company), has refused the license. We have seen similar issues with Konami and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the Donkey Kong Country games on the downloadable service.

So for those of you in the North American continent that are still interested in a quirky puzzle game, pick up Yoshi’s Story for the Virtual Console before 9AM October 18, 2013 for 500 Wii Points. If there is a licensing issue, this will be the last time you could ever buy this version. As a warning however, the service seems to be ending completely for the title. There will be no means of redownloading it once it is gone.

Source: GoNintendo

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