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Xbox One cross-platform play with PC 'makes a lot of sense' says Spencer


Xbox One cross-platform play with PC 'makes a lot of sense' says Spencer

In a recent interview, AusGamers sat down with Microsoft Studios VP Phil Spencer discussing Xbox One. On the topic of whether cross-platform between Xbox One and PC would be possible, Spencer replied: “I’m not allowed to leak things. But I think what you’re talking about makes a lot of sense.”

Xbox 360 has previously experimented with cross-platform play on Shadow Run where PC players were able to play against Xbox Live members. Although recently, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn did not release on Xbox 360 due to Microsoft’s ongoing Xbox Live policies. Perhaps the only cross-platform games we’ll see on Xbox One and PC will come from first-party developers; while PS4 might be able to see more cross-platform games from a variety of developers. Though with games like Planetside 2, the difference in patch releases (due to the extra steps it takes to gain approval from the PlayStation Network) would cause desynchronization in their servers which makes cross-platform play not possible.

Could the next generation be filled with more cross-platform play for PC and consoles games? Leave a comment in the section below with your thoughts!


Source: AusGamers

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