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Xbox One – Color-Coded Achievements


Xbox One – Color-Coded Achievements

There’s nothing quite like that little “blip” that you hear every time you unlock an Xbox achievement. Finally, playing through that game for 200 hours has paid off and your badge of success is there for all the world to see. But have you ever unlocked an achievement while playing with a friend on the same TV? You never know who actually got it unless you both looked at your controllers to see which one had the rings flashing on it. Well, Microsoft has decided to remedy this inconvenience by introducing color-coded achievements.

The new system will allow players to choose a color that corresponds to them so that their achievements unlock with that color. This will allow players to avoid any confusion and will add that extra bit of customization. In a Powerstar Golf Twitch demonstration, the achievement unlocked at around the 11:19 mark showcases the new system, and a screenshot can be found below.


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