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XBox Live Terms of Use Updated (Kind Of)


XBox Live Terms of Use Updated (Kind Of)

XBox Live is making an update to its Terms of Use, ostensibly to make the experience of using it easier for families in anticipation of the XBox One launch. In a PSA released yesterday, Microsoft announced that it is making it so parents only need accept its TOU one time in order for their children to be able to access the system. Additionally, XBox Live will now connect with compatible apps and allow users to link accounts.

There’s not much there as far as big changes go, but I suspect this message really has nothing much to do with the TOU itself. The underlying point of this update and accompanying communique seems to be that Microsoft has learned that many of its users don’t have up-to-date contact information on their accounts, as it is mentioned multiple times. Fair enough, as the XBox One’s release date approaches, they would want to make sure that’s as current as possible.

So, if you’re an XBox Live user, please go into your settings and update your contact information. Or don’t.

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