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Wii U Sales Still Aren't Great, Original Wii Selling More


Wii U Sales Still Aren't Great, Original Wii Selling More

A new post over at GamesIndustry International is reporting sales of Wii U still lagging behind its predecessor, despite Nintendo’s decision to no longer make games for the older console. I don’t find this to be particularly surprising, but I am curious as to what the main reason for these low sales numbers are. It’s not uncommon for next-gen consoles to lag a bit behind for the first year; I know plenty of people that like to wait a while before taking the plunge into the new generation. Wedbush analyst Michael Pachter doesn’t think that the Wii U will be able to meet its estimated sales, stating:

“We think that Nintendo has a very low probability of meeting its Wii U forecasts, as it expects the installed base to more than triple by year-end, with very bullish software guidance layered on top. We think the Wii U is the wrong product for consumers, and although we believe that Nintendo faithful will buy the console if it is the only way they can play beloved Nintendo software titles, we think that there are fewer of these faithful than management is counting on to hit its full-year guidance.”

"Remind me what I'm paying you for?"

“Is Mario gonna have to choke a bitch?”

My main concern is that people still don’t know what the hell a Wii U is. I like to ask people who aren’t really into games if they know about it, and many have no idea that it’s an entirely new console. Many times they think that it’s just a new controller with a screen for use with the original Wii. Why didn’t they call it the Wii 2? Seems like an HD, more powerful Wii would be a slam dunk, but I think Nintendo may have stumbled a bit with their marketing. This doesn’t mean they won’t come back from it, I’m sure they’ll do just fine in the long run. If there’s anything Nintendo has down, it’s the lengthy and prosperous lifespan of their products.

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