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The Wii Lives On in North America


The Wii Lives On in North America

News broke recently that production of Nintendo’s last-generation Wii was ceasing in Japan, and that the beloved old piece of motion-gaming would no longer be available, helping to pave the road for success – or so Nintendo hopes – of it’s successor, the Wii U.

Yesterday, a Nintendo representative confirmed to Gamespot that this only affects the Japanese market — the Wii will continue to be available in North American markets, at least through this holiday season. I haven’t seen any mention of continued production or confirmed availability much further into the future than that, but with the next generation of Sony and Microsoft consoles coming in hot for Christmas 2013, I imagine we’re at the tail end of the Wii’s life cycle here, too — so, if you (or anyone you know) hasn’t had the chance to pick up one of these, look for some rock-bottom prices coming up, and you could score a great system for next to nothing as the waves of shiny-new-box hit the shores.

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