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Wayne Brady Promotes Wii Party U With New Videos


Wayne Brady Promotes Wii Party U With New Videos

Actor/comedian Wayne Brady has shot some videos in promotion for Nintendo’s new Wii Party U. It’s a perfect pairing, seeing as how the WiiU is kind of the Wayne Brady of video game consoles. These videos, available on Youtube (or, you know, in this post) are pretty fun and do a lot to make the game seem like a great time.

POP QUIZ: The advertisement above is absolutely hilarious and amazing because it features:

A. Wayne Brady dropping lines about a family-centered Nintendo game

B. An actor who might be Squeak from Baseketball

C. A shot of someone doing Duckface in one of the mini-games

D. All of the Above

It’s been seven years since Wii Sports Resort revolutionized the party game, and it remains to be seen whether Wii Party U will have an impact. Whatever happens, do you really want to piss Wayne Brady off?

Here’s the second video below, featuring him as an overprotective father.


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