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Watch Somebody Touch The Steam Controller


Watch Somebody Touch The Steam Controller

Valve announced they were making a string of announcements (yes, an announcement for an announcement) a while back, and like most things Valve related the internet pooped its pants. Conspiracy theories of Half-Life 3 were rampant on NeoGAF, and Reddit. Unfortunately, no Half-Life 3, but they did announce the SteamOS, Steam Machines, and lastly a Steam Controller. Like most, when I initially saw the controller all I could think of was owl puns, but once my immaturity faded I began to wonder how it could be used practically. Sadly, I couldn’t come up with one. Luckily, Valve has decided to silence its doubters, and release a video demonstrating the Steam Controller.

They demo Portal 2, Civilization V, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, and Papers, Please in the video. Showcasing the versatility of the controller. I must admit the video is reassuring, and at the moment I am cautiously optimistic. Of course I’ll still have to get my grubby hands on it before I can make a final judgement.

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