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Warface Beta Enters 'Sneak Peek' Mode Tomorrow


Warface Beta Enters 'Sneak Peek' Mode Tomorrow

Warface, CryTek’s upcoming entry in the Free-to-Play, online, class-based shooter sweepstakes, will be going into a ‘Sneak Peek’ mode on October 2, 2013. This is in anticipation of the game’s Open Beta arriving next week.

The promised mode allows players to engage in a variety of mission types, play five daily co-op missions (up from the previous limit of three), and try out their new ‘Destruction Mode’ (a variation of Capture and Hold). Additionally, CryTek has added a tutorial for players to practice with the different classes on offer. Here are the dates and regions for Sneak Peek and Pre-Open Beta:

Sneak Peek
EU & Turkey:

Wednesday, October 2nd  9AM CET – Monday, October 7th 9AM CET
US: Wednesday, October 2nd  3AM EST – Monday, October 7th  3AM EST

Pre-Open Beta
EU & Turkey: Monday, October 7th– 9AM CET
US: Monday, October 7th– 3AM EST

CryTek is a bit of an acquired taste for some, but one thing they know is how to make interesting shooters. If you’re interested in being an early bird and getting your Warface on this week, you can sign up for the beta here. You bet I did!

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