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Wake the Cat Now Available for Android


Wake the Cat Now Available for Android

As Twinfinite’s resident ailurophile (or cat-lover, for those who aren’t as much of a geek as I am when it comes to words derived from dead languages), the only thing better than a game about cats is a game about kittens. Publisher Chillingo announced today that Wake the Cat, Halfpixel Games’ adorable puzzle game, is now available on Google Play and from the Amazon Appstore for Android devices.

The goal is simple: wake a cute, sleepy kitten from her nap by tossing her a ball of yarn, her favorite toy. The catch? In order to reach her, you must guide said yarn-ball through meticulously designed, Rube Goldberg-like contraptions. Using toy trains, fans, pipes, “portal slippers,” and other household items, you experiment with gravity and physics in your quest to wake the cat.

Featuring simple touch controls and “djaw-worthy” 3D visuals and music, Wake the Cat is definitely kid-friendly. But the 60 levels (with more to come), challenging puzzles, and 270 collectible stars makes Wake the Cat a sweet little mobile game that grown-ups can enjoy, too. And cat-lovers on iOS devices, fear not! Wake the Cat is also available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Just look at what a good kitty she is! :3




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