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Valve Files For Half-Life 3 Trademark


Valve Files For Half-Life 3 Trademark

We’re all pretty well-trained by now to not completely lose our minds over Half-Life 3 speculation, but if you like to entertain that guilty pleasure here’s some rather tasty information: two days ago Valve filed for a Half-Life 3 trademark within the EU. NeoGAF user shinobi602 uncovered this little clue while searching on the EU database of registered trademarks (just part of his daily browse, I guess). This comes as rather odd timing after Valve’s trio of big announcements very decidedly did not include a hint of Half Life 3, but then Valve have never really played by anyone’s rules but their own. Screenshots below are from the site at which you can search for it yourself.

halflife3copyright halflife3copyright2


Stay tuned for any possible, if unlikely, Half-Life 3 updates.

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