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Ultra Street Fighter 4 Introduces Double Ultras and Red Focus Attacks


Ultra Street Fighter 4 Introduces Double Ultras and Red Focus Attacks

So remember when about five or six years ago when Street Fighter 4 came out?  Everyone joked that Capcom couldn’t possibly repeat themselves with the million sequel streak that plagued Street Fighter II.  Well, it happened.  And then it happened two more times.  And then finally one more was announced in the form of Ultra Street Fighter 4 in this year’s past EVO tournament.  Other than five new characters, what makes this new version different?

It was just announced via Capcom’s Capcom-Unity blog (which also took me too many years to realize that’s a play on the word ‘community’) that there will be at least two major changes to the fighting system with Ultra.  Super Street Fighter 4 introduced a second set of Ultra attacks for every character in the game, but players had to choose between the two.  Now, both Ultras can be taken into fights simultaneously, but the trade off is that they are now weaker.  It was noted that these Dual Ultras were to help up the offensive strategy of the game.

On the opposite side, defense gets a boost with new Red Focus attacks, unblockable defensive attacks that now can absorb multiple hits at the cost of some extra meter.

I know this news is damn near meaningless for many of you reading this right now, but for those who are still playing Street Fighter 4 (like me) now have some new things to consider as this might just change up the game considerably.  Ultra Street Fighter 4 is due out in 2014.

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