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Twinfinite is Playing for Sick Kids International on November 2nd!


Twinfinite is Playing for Sick Kids International on November 2nd!

Much like we did last year, the writers at Twinfinite are going to spend 25 hours on stream looking for any donations we can get to help sick kids around the world. We’ve set up a nice landing page, we have gathered a load of codes, and we are setting up which games we are going to be playing with you. We are doing this in the hopes that we can reduce the cost of healthcare for children who need help.

The hospital we have chosen to work alongside this year is Sick Kids International, an organization that accepts children from all around the world and provides them with the opportunity to get the proper health care that they need.

How to Donate:


Fill out all your information and the amount you want to donate. Even if you can only spare a few bucks, we will gladly accept it and thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Next, make sure to check the little box that says “Allow participant to see my e-mail address”

This allows me to track who donated so I can enter you in to the raffle. You can choose to donate anonymously, but that means I won’t know who you are and I can’t enter you in to the raffle.

When does Extra Life happen?

From November 2nd at 12PM EST through to November 3rd at 1PM EST, we will be gaming. We’ll have a more up to date schedule next week with the games we are going to play.

What are we raffling off?

Well, we’re working on that. However, what we have so far is over 70 codes on hand. Check the list, it is a lot:

The Official Extra Life Raffle List

Donations of any size are welcome and the raffle is randomized. However, if you want something special, who am I to not take notice. I can’t promise you anything (since it is a raffle), but if you leave a comment in the message box on what you want, I might be persuaded.

Want to watch us play?

Many of the staff will be taking turns playing on our Twitch channel throughout the event.  Come keep us company!

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