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Tropico 4 Apocalypse DLC Is Adorable


Tropico 4 Apocalypse DLC Is Adorable

Nobody can deny the impact Tropico has had on the whole management genre. Playing as El Presidente and turning your little block of land into whatever you want. It has enjoyed success enough to spawn three sequels and now the latest in the franchise is getting downloadable goodness. Titled Apocalypse, the newest addition to Tropico 4 has players doing what they can to ensure the island’s survival for the end of the world. It’s an interesting addition to what is already a wonderfully tried-and-true system. With new features like the bomb shelter, survivalist (which requires less food, perfect!), the hazmat suit, and the mission “How I Learned To Love The Bomb,” keep your civilians during Armageddon! Apocalypse is out now for Xbox 360 and Steam. 

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