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Trick-or-Treat on the Go; Costume Quest Now Available on iOS


Trick-or-Treat on the Go; Costume Quest Now Available on iOS

There aren’t nearly enough seasonal video games.  Yeah sure you might get the occasional Freezeezy Peak or you might have to rescue Santa Claus in a random game or two, but there still aren’t a lot of holiday themed games.  Fortunately, Double Fine’s Costume Quest leads the pack as the Halloween themed action-RPG from 2010 that followed in the steps of games like Super Mario RPG and the Penny Arcade games.

Now, the cult class indie darling is available on the go in a brand new iOS version which is playable on both iPhones and iPads.  The game is a perfect fit for the device with its adorable cel-shaded graphics and pick-up-and-play gameplay.  You can download it off the iTunes store $4.99, a perfect price for a little treat to carry around in your pocket for the month of October.  This version also includes the Grubbins on Ice Christmas themed DLC for free alongside it.

In fact, seeing it as a mobile game makes me super interested in seeing the game on a traditional handheld like the PS Vita.  Oh man, could you just imagine it?  It’d be awesome!  Maybe awesome enough to convince Double Fine to make another DLC add-on to the game to follow up that huge cliffhanger at the end.

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