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Tri Preview – What Does the Fox Say?


Tri Preview – What Does the Fox Say?

Tri is a beautiful first-person puzzle game in which you utilize the geometric power of triangles to solve puzzles and trap the fox deity within its temple. I realize what I said was a bit of a random mouthful, but believe me, Tri is definitely a game to keep your eyes on if only to appreciate how gorgeous the whole thing looks.

I want to talk about how pretty the game looks first because, well, because the game looks that pretty. Its cel-shaded art style mixed with its East-Asian setting evokes a look closer to origami more than anything else; and I’m of the mind that anything in that graphical style is automatically 20% more beautiful. The locations are breathtaking with the Asian influence showing up in the traditional architecture and imperial gardens type environments. Reds of different shades color the skies and ground, and adventuring through the maze of old temples and pillars while autumn leaves float around is something that immediately grabs your attention.

Levels are broken down into fetching statues and placing them upon an altar. In order to get to these statues you will utilize the ability to draw geometric triangles to create makeshift platforms. There are a few rules, however. A corner of the triangle must touch solid surface, and the platforms you create can’t be too steep or else you wouldn’t be able to use them. It’s an interesting mechanic that has subtle and surprising uses that still works fairly easily. It’s a style of puzzle solving that can go on to be mastered creatively for interesting solutions to problems.

With both style and substance, I can’t see why Tri won’t be on any puzzle junkies list of games to look out for.

The game is currently on pre-order with 12 early access levels on their official website.

Here are some screens in the meantime.

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