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Thief Inspired The Dark Mod Goes Standalone


Thief Inspired The Dark Mod Goes Standalone

Almost four years after it’s official release, The Dark Mod, a Thief inspired total conversion of Doom 3, can now be played as a standalone free game. It was created by Broken Glass Studios to update the mechanics found in the critically acclaimed Thief games. This version improves the AI, adds new gameplay features, and improves the graphics and audio. 

Unfortunately copyright issues prevent The Dark Mod from being a remake of Thief. The fantastic story is removed as well as the exact missions. However, it retains the gothic steampunk feel with religious factions, magic, undead creatures, and of course water arrows. Its open source nature means anyone can create levels and more than 70 have been made so far.

Anyone interested in first-person stealth gameplay can download The Dark Mod for free, right at this moment. There is also a nice introductory video that shows off the basic improvements over the original. This can tide you over until Thief 4 comes out next year, or it may be enough to keep you occupied well past then.

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