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"Tell Me About Yourself" – Gabriel Knight Creator Back in the Game


"Tell Me About Yourself" – Gabriel Knight Creator Back in the Game

One of my favorite series’ from back in the day is Gabriel Knight. These point-and-click adventures, featuring the roguish yet resourceful titular hero, contained stories and characters that were easily as interesting as anything you’d find in a video game today. The trilogy can be found on sites such as GOG, and I recommend anyone interested in adventure games give them a try.

Today is an exciting day for fans of this series because series creator Jane Jensen has procured the license for Gabriel Knight from Activision, and is at work on a new game. No specific details about the new game are known at this time, but I’m most looking forward to seeing Gabriel and Grace’s verbal sparring (eat your heart out Nathan Drake and whatshername) as they trot the globe solving supernatural mysteries.

If that weren’t awesome enough, Pinkerton Road Studios (Jensen’s development company) is remaking Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers in honor of its 20th anniversary. It’s set to come out on PC, Mac, and iPad. You can find details about it here, and in the meantime check out the sample graphical comparison below.

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