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Tales Team Too Understaffed to Localize Every Title


Tales Team Too Understaffed to Localize Every Title

Fans of Japan’s hallmark Tales series finally have a bit of insight as to why it is always such a struggle to bring Tales outside of the Japanese homeland.

In a recent interview with Siliconera, series producer Hideo Baba stated that “the number of development members on staff is very limited.” Because of this, localizing every single Tales title is simply not a possibility. Accordingly, Namco Bandai has to be particularly choosy in deciding which titles to bring over. As such, priority for localization is given to flagship titles, with remakes and all-star titles getting second-string priority.

There ya have it, Tales fans. The enigma of localization is over. It’s a shame such a phenomenal team is too understaffed to do all the things they wish they could. But at the very least now we know why we don’t see all the games we wish we could and can sympathize with the team instead of blindly raging at them.

Source: The Tales Team Simply Doesn’t Have Enough Staff to Localize Every Game [Siliconera]

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