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Star Citizen Raises Over $20 Million in Crowdfunding


Star Citizen Raises Over $20 Million in Crowdfunding

There is no gaming community quite as generous as that of Star Citizen, nor can I think of a crowdfunded campaign as successful. Recently, Chris Roberts at Cloud Imperium Games announced that their PC space-sim has raised more than $20 million over the past year. Roughly $10 million of that was raised in the past four and a half months.

Now, I’m not gonna lie, I wasn’t that familiar with Star Citizen until fairly recently, but I’m lucky enough to have a friend who has been supporting this game from its beginning, and who was willing to talk to me about it. What follows is a transcribed interview of sorts, taken from Facebook chat. For the sake of anonymity, I’m not going to reveal his name or handle.

When did you become involved?

Before it was even announced, Chris put up a teaser site you could sign up for to get updates on his mystery project.

How much have you donated to the Kickstarter?

I actually put most of my funds in directly to the site itself since they continued after the Kickstarter officially ended, right now I’m at nearly 5k.

Nice! Tell me, why were you willing to invest so much in this game? (According to my correspondent, the average pledge is about $70)

Well, to begin with, one of my favorite games of all time was made by Chris, Freelancer, an early sandbox style space/economy sim. He has been incredibly open to the community and has taken feedback to heart while maintaining his vision. But mostly because it’s my dream game, I’m actually most excited about the level of fine tuning you can do with the ships and subsystems.

I was just going to say, that’s the most exciting aspect of the game to me.

Pipe system, overclocking, fully modular loadouts.

The Idris Corvette, the largest ship in the game. Only 100 were available for purchase, to maintain balance.

What about your ship? I remember you showing me a prototype.

Ah, well, thats the reason I’m almost 5K in, I have one of almost every ship offered. They offer them as individual additions, a lot of people like myself are ‘collectors’ and want them all. Hell, two of them were over a grand. A large multi-crew capital ship called the Idris.

What’s the community that’s grown up around Star Citizen like?

It’s interesting, passionate people who already have a lot of money in so they are invested. I know people with more than 15K in. A lot of fans of CRs old games are in their 30s now, with careers and families, so it’s a little more mature and controlled for the most part.

To have made this much money in such little time is nothing short of, pun intended, astronomical. The dream of Star Citizen is the creation of a AAA game without the restrictions placed by traditional publishers. Chris Roberts came out with the following statement:

“Honestly, we never dreamed we’d reach this point so quickly. It’s a testament to the passion that our backers have for space sims and PC gaming. We have the best community in all of gaming and they are literally taking part in helping us develop Star Citizen.”

If you ‘re interested in making a pledge, reserving your own ship, and becoming a member of this rapidly growing community, or if you’re just curious about the game and want to know more, then visit Roberts Space Industry.

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