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Sony Launches "Perfect Day" Commercial on Monday Night Football


Sony Launches "Perfect Day" Commercial on Monday Night Football

You didn’t think football was just for the Xbox, did you?

If you were one of the many watching tonight’s  NFL match between the Indianapolis Colts and the San Diego Chargers, you may have noticed that Sony launched a new commercial for the PS4 during the game. In keeping with some of their past efforts, this live-action commercial uses acted-out scenes to represent such games as Elder Scrolls Online, Gran Turismo, and Killzone, all encapsulated by Lou Reed’s “Perfect Day.”

Considering that the Xbox is the official gaming console of the NFL, it seems pretty significant that a PS4 commercial would be aired during NFL programming. Sony just knows how to keep building up the pressure against Microsoft, eh?

Enjoy the commercial, it’s so great I’ve already watched it seven times, haha.

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