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Sony Partners With Today


Sony Partners With Today

Much unlike Nintendo, Sony are clearly willing to embrace the new world of livestreaming video games. Today, and for today only, they have partnered up (read: given a lot of money to) with, and all broadcasts will be going out ad-free between 9AM PST and 9PM PST. Well, that’s mostly true, as there will be one ad: for the PS4.

“For the product’s first outing, Sony PlayStation 4 will be bringing Commercial-Free to Twitch viewers on Tuesday, October 15th, for 12 full hours between 9 AM PST and 9PM PST. During that 12-hour window, the only commercials viewers will see is a short bumper explaining the Commercial-Free program, followed by a brief Sony pre-roll, and then the rest of their viewing experience, regardless of which channels they may switch to, will be uninterrupted until 9pm PST.”


A little cheeky, but it’s at least reaffirming that alongside their policies on the used games market, Sony does respect the streaming culture. We do plenty of livestreams here at Twinfinite, so it’s great to know that Sony doesn’t hate us.

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