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Sniper Elite V2 Available on PSN


Sniper Elite V2 Available on PSN

Sniper Elite V2, one of the better of the series, has made its way onto the PlayStation Network thanks to impressive sales, fan appreciation, and the news of a Sniper Elite 3 being made for next-gen consoles. People looking for a great shooter that steers more towards realism, less zombies, and incredibly dramatic slow motion x-ray shots ranging all over the body, will find a great amount of fun and enjoyment for the reasonable price of $29.99. Set during the battle of Berlin, you play as an OSS officer assigned to taking out key leaders, recruiting defects, and scalping nazis. With the onset of more and more games going digital, especially true for day 1 releases, maybe the next Sniper will follow suit and give people without means of transportation the satisfaction of watching some poor sap’s balls explode.

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