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Shantae Kickstarter Ends with $800,000 Raised, Extra Bonuses


Shantae Kickstarter Ends with $800,000 Raised, Extra Bonuses

Over the weekend, WayForward successfully funded their new Shantae game on Kickstarter with $811,962 raised.  Many of the contributors donated their money in the final stretch of the game, with funds rising quickly once payment via PayPal was opened up for the campaign on WayForward’s own site.

Shantae: Half-Genie Hero represents one of WayForward’s biggest original ventures, since most of what the company puts out is comprised of solid licensed titles.  The Shantae games have always been a bit of a cult classic among their fans, and Half-Genie Hero acts as an ultimate labor of love, releasing on all major consoles, PC, and even support on the PS Vita TV.

With the extra money raised, stretch goals were passed that are going to allow the game to release with an additional character, two bonus story chapters, and three new exclusive costumes.  Other stretch goals were not reached which included more chapters and even fully animated cutscenes.

If you missed your chance to donate to the project, however, WayForward is still accepting donations via their PayPal page and any money donated will continue to count towards the projected stretch goals.

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