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Saints Row IV DLC Has a Release Date – Get Freaky On Your Dildozer


Saints Row IV DLC Has a Release Date – Get Freaky On Your Dildozer

You might remember the upcoming DLC for Saints Row IV titled Enter the Dominatrix as it was originally planned as DLC for Saints Row: The Third. The add-on now has a release date of October 22 and will cost $6.99 on its own, or free for season pass holders.


In this alternate take on the Zin invasion storyline, Zinyak and the legions of his alien empire trap the Saints in a virtual world run by a mad AI program known as the Dominatrix. In order to thwart her nefarious schemes and escape to the real world, the Saints will have to counter her army of gimps and sex-workers, and shut down her demented simulation.


There will be some new weapons, enemies, friends, and of course missions to tackle. It looks like we’ll be getting a phallic shaped vehicle too! Everybody needs a penis-mobile, I always say.


I had a good time flying around the virtual Steelport earlier this year but don’t know if I’m ready to hop back in just yet. Will you be able to peel yourself away from exploring Los Santos to get bit more silly in Steelport? This DLC looks goofy, but I really want to hear more about the next pack. The second half of the Saints Row IV season pass and final mission pack, How the Saints Saved Christmas, will be released later this year. Now that sounds hilarious.



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