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Runner 2 Available on iOS as BIT.TRIP RUN!


Runner 2 Available on iOS as BIT.TRIP RUN!

If you’ve ever found yourself conflicted about getting that Burger Mouth brand Burger to-go or staying at home and playing Runner 2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien, well, you’re in luck because now you can have both!  Runner 2 quietly came out on the iTunes store today under the new name BIT.TRIP RUN! and is playable now on the iPhone and iPad.

This portable version will only run you $4, so if you haven’t picked up this phenomenal game yet, you can now with little risk.  I’ve personally yet to pick this version up, but I probably shall just because I enjoyed the console release that much.  People have been saying that it controls incredibly well on the touch screen, so it definitely sounds like it’s worth a look.

Plus if you haven’t played it yet and aren’t sold on it, just remember that Charles Martinet narrates the whole thing.  Oh yeah.

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