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PS4 Day One Patch


PS4 Day One Patch

Today, Sony released further details on the 1.50 firmware update. The patch will be released the same day as the PlayStation 4’s release, November 15th, 2013. I’m usually not the one to criticize how corporations handle their operations, but I am baffled as to how many features will be left out, if PS4 owners do not update to 1.50.

Features that have become the backbone of Sony’s PS4 marketing strategy, such as: being able to record game-play, broadcasting and spectating game-play, remote play, party chat, multi-player and even something as simple as Blu-ray and DVD disc play have to be patched in. Yeah, you can not watch a Blu-ray or DVD unless you connect to the internet, and update to 1.50. The ability to suspend and resume game-play, a la the Vita, will also not be available at launch, or with the 1.50 firmware patch, and will becoming in the near future.

The current generation has made me accustomed to day one patches. I appreciate the ability for companies to fix broken features, and or, games. However, using patches as a strategy to push the console into manufacturing before they’re done does not sit well with me. This 300 MB firmware download will be a mild inconvenience to me on launch day, but how do you explain the incomplete firmware to customers lacking an internet connection?


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