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PS3 Software Update (v.4.50) Adds Some Handy Features


PS3 Software Update (v.4.50) Adds Some Handy Features

PS3 owners, especially those without PlayStation Plus, got a few nice features added in today’s update (v.4.50). Your prize for logging in and patching will include:

  • Auto download of system software updates has been expanded to support all PSN users.
  • Auto download support of purchases made on the Sony Entertainment Network online store will be made available to all PSN users.
  • New options for trophy privacy settings allow users to set which trophies are visible.
  • Data can now be transferred from PS3 to PS Vita using Wi-Fi or an Ethernet connection.

The auto downloads are really nice for those who don’t already get that feature. Simply set up a two-hour interval, and at this time your console will turn on from standby mode and download anything that is pending, including any purchases made remotely in the SEN online store. You can find the new settings on the XMB under [Settings] > [System Settings] > [Automatic Update]. It seems ridiculous that this was previously a PS+ exclusive thing, but it’s nice to see Sony make things right.

Can someone fill me in on why you want to hide specific trophies? Embarrassed by your 100% playthrough of Lair?


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