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The Original Valhalla Knights is Now Free


The Original Valhalla Knights is Now Free

I’ve been interested in Valhalla Knights for some time now.  As an action RPG that has been on consoles that I seldom played for their action RPGs however, I just haven’t taken the opportunity to pick the game up. Now I have no excuse. In preparation for the release of Valhalla Knights 3 on October 15th, Xseed Games has gone above and beyond in trying to get us all ready for the newest PS Vita title.

They have dropped the price of the PSP version of Valhalla Knights to the very welcome price of free. This version is backwards compatible with the PS Vita, so if you own a PSP, a PS Vita or even a PS3 with the intent of buying a portable later on, now is the time to pick it up.

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