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OMG HD Zombies Hitting The Vita


OMG HD Zombies Hitting The Vita

Laughing Jackal, developers behind one of the top-scoring PSP games on Metacritic, OMG Zombies is releasing a full-fledged HD upgrade to Sony’s latest handheld. the gameplay stays true to the OG version, with shooting zombies, exploding heads, chain reactions, and power-ups, but now there’s more. With completely redrawn graphics to scale with the Vita’s native resolution, more types of zombies, and even inclusions like trophies and leader boards, this is a welcome addition to the collection of addictive, fun games that the Vita has seemed to be struggling with in America since its launch. Be ready to pick this up if you like zombies, and making a whole lot of them explode. OMG HD Zombies will be released on Vita this fall.

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