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Nyu Media Announces Their 3rd Wave


Nyu Media Announces Their 3rd Wave

Nyu Media works their magic in waves. Phase 1 and 2 were experimental. Phase 3 seems to be all about Astro Port and 2 games that are getting a fresh coat of paint. Which is fine. They went on record telling us not to expect surprises.

What we have still are a few interesting little games . Let’s break them down:

Armed 7

Armed Seven 紹介

We’ll start the list with the shmup of the group. This being a horizontal shmup similar to Einhänder in its gameplay. In Armed Seven, your mech flies around shooting in whichever direction you choose to point it. It looks like a fun little shmup that should play out well among those that enjoy the genre. Armed Seven will be the first release of the 3rd wave, appearing October 14th so get excited. It is apparently the sequel to our next colorful game, which judging by the shift in tone, does not spell well for the Vulkaiser team.

Nyu Media Bullet Points:

  • 12 years after the events of Vulkaiser, the Neo Loran Order assaults the Earth!
  • Lock & load for this blast-a-thon of bullets, lasers missiles & boss fights
  • 12 weapons x 5 stages x 4 difficulty levels x 16 achievements to earn!
  • All new English Localization!

Armed Seven Trailer


Super-charged Robot Vulkaiser バルカイザー紹介

This was the first game Astro Port put out for sale back in 2007, and it looks to be the most quirky. In classic 70s mecha style, Vulkaiser is a giant mech that combines with each team mate to power up and destroy evil. It might not be the prettiest of the three shmups, but I guarantee that Nyu Media will be having the most fun with localizing it. As they should. This draws much of its inspiration from Combattler V and other combination mecha anime. The setting and story looks like it could be really fun and of the three new Astro Port games coming in, this one looks to be the most up my alley.

Nyu Media Bullet Points:

  • Genre: 70’s Throwback Japanese TV Giant Robot Anime 2d Shooter!!
  • Use your charge weapons, attachable power ups, and Vulkaiser’s GATTAI! (Transform!) to save the Earth from invasion by the evil Alien Gogoh Army!
  • Everyone shout! ‘GO! GO! VULKAISER!’

Super-charged Robot Vulkaiser Trailer

Gigantic Army

Gigantic Army 紹介

I always did love a good mecha game and this one draws from classics like Cybernator. For those who don’t remember Cybernator, it was a slower run and gun similar to Contra with its ability to let you fire in all directions. With giant enemies and a variety of weapons, Gigantic Army looks like it could reignite that feeling for PC gamers in the future.

Nyu Media Bullet Points:

  • At. Last. The legendary mecha STG makes its overseas, English language debut!
  • Earth takes the fight to the enemy in this gritty robot action shooter.
  • Your GMR-34 Saladin is equipped with 7 weapons, a shield & dash function – all you need to take on a planetful of hostiles & massive bosses!

Gigantic Army Trailer


Yatagarasu: Attack on Cataclysm

This is by far the biggest title on the docket. Mostly because we don’t know what Yatagarasu‘s Indiegogo campaign will yield. First is the new characters. Yatagrasu felt like a small game with its roster. They even copied Kou twice. So really 7 characters is small, but Skullgirls was small with 9 and it did great. The issue is more tuning and with both Nicalis on the handheld market and Nyu in the localization department, hopes are high with this game and the team designing this is talented enough to make it happen.

Nyu Media Bullet Points:

  • Brought to you by Nyu Media, the dev team, and 3, 585 FGC members: this highly-anticipated follow up to the outstanding fighting game ‘Yatagarasu‘!
  • Adds a host of new content & features, including 11 playable characters, GGPO, dynamic commentary by Jchensor, UltraDavid, & Maximilian, + much more!

Yatagarasu: Attack on Cataclysm Trailer


When I reviewed Croixleur, I found it to be a game that had its foot in the right door, but never the opportunity to walk in to the party. Steam Greenlight has changed that for souvenir circ. Now the company has a legitimate opportunity to bring this game to a big audience and they have decided to fix it up a bit. This includes Steamworks implementation and a host of new content to bring it up to date with this much larger platform. Whether this will turn the game into something special, we’ll have to wait and find out. Fortunately, for those that bought the game early, a Steam code will be waiting for you courtesy of the nice people of Nyu Media.

Nyu Media Bullet Points:

  • This anime-chic 3D fantasy beat’em up makes its Steam debut in STYLE!
  • Luc & Fran will face off in an Adjuvant Trial like never before!
  • Features Steam Leaderboards, achievements, PLUS: New story! New weapons! New Challenge Mode! New cutscenes! Full voiceover! + MORE NEW!

Croixleur Trailer

Build A Doujin Bundle

To add a bit of surprise to the pot, Nyu Media tweeted about the sequel to a bundle I went out and bought a few months back. The Build a Doujin Bundle 2 is coming next week to Groupees and I’ll be looking forward to what they have next. Japanese indie games have become an industry in this marketplace, and it looks like we’ll have a few more interesting things to look out for.

If you want to check out some of the other indie games from Nyu Media, Indie Gala is currently running a promotion on a good chunk of their catalog with some other games.

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