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November Second is Soda Saturday


November Second is Soda Saturday

Snowrunner Productions has declared Nov 2nd, 2013 to be “Soda Saturday”, in correlation with the public full-version release of their bizarre cult-hit simulator Soda Drinker Pro (PC), featuring a fully-stocked beverage-fountain of new simulation locations, Oculus Rift support (for a truly immersive soda-drinking experience).

Soda Drinker Pro is the first of what is sure to be a booming landscape of soda drinking simulations, as the strangely compelling force behind this movement swells from … well, somewhere. With such exotic scenarios as drinking soda on the beach (shown above), drinking soda in jail, and drinking an ice-cold soda on the surface of the sun, users will find all of their soda drinking simulation desires not merely met but expertly exceeded by this release.

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