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Mugen Souls Z Gets A Content Cut Before Hitting the West


Mugen Souls Z Gets A Content Cut Before Hitting the West

NIS America has confirmed that they will be bringing the wild, colorful, and extremely Japanese RPG Mugen Souls Z to America and Europe, of course not without some of the particularly suggestive content being cut, specifically the bathing minigame and its associate CG images. Yes, that is exactly what it sounds like, and you can probably imagine why that would be cut from its overseas release.

Still, the majority of the game is being kept in tact, including characters’ personalities and dialogue; NIS claims they will not be toning down other elements of the game. Bathing minigame aside, there will still be plenty of content for Western gamers, as Mugen Souls Z boasts its unique turn-based battle system, art style, massive level caps and damage, and a whole lot of customization. Mugen Souls Z will be bringing hefty doses of moe to North America and Europe sometime in 2014, exclusively for the PlayStation 3.

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