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Money Laundering Down 81% In Runescape


Money Laundering Down 81% In Runescape

Serious business going on in Runescape right now. Yes, that sentence just happened. While in-game gold farming sweatshops sound like a dark, ridiculous fairy tale to non-MMORPG players, it turns out such things are not far from the truth in Runescape, in which the game’s economy has apparently been ruined by farming and exploits. However, developer Jagex have apparently not stood idly by on the issue and in September introduced purchasable (with real money, that is) ‘Bonds’ to use in-game – that is, Runescape money with which to buy premium content. This has acted as an Order 66 for illegal gold farmers, whose heinous activity has dived 81%.

“While we anticipated that the launch of Bonds would impact the flow of illegal wealth into the game, we are thrilled the initiative has resulted in such a strong and immediate impact,” says Jagex chief Riaan Hodgson, “This action lays the foundations for RuneScape to continue going from strength to strength in its second successful decade!”

Crikey. Guess crime-doers and ne’er-do-wells aren’t safe in Runescape any more. Maybe Guild Wars 2 has some nasty glitch they can go exploit instead.

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