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Microtransactions Disabled In Wake Of GTA Online Issues


Microtransactions Disabled In Wake Of GTA Online Issues

The launch of Grand Theft Auto Online has been met with some mixed reception. The game’s online mode went live two weeks after the initial release, but overwhelming traffic and other issues have rendered the mode entirely unplayable for some players. If you were one of the lucky few to avoid getting stuck in the tutorial loading screen or to dodge the Rockstar Cloud errors, you’ve probably seen that GTA Online is an awesome (albeit buggy) experience. Both before launch and after, Rockstar knew there were going to be errors and is working to alleviate the issues as quickly as possible.

In a recent blog post Rockstar announced that they both know these issues exist and are working towards getting everything ironed out. As a result of these bugs however, the microtransactions that allow players to turn their real life money into GTA$ have been disabled. The removal of this feature is only temporary and you’ll be able to once again purchase GTA$ packs once everyone can access GTA Online and once everything is running smoothly. Players can still earn GTA$ the old fashioned way though, so feel free to go rob a gas station or race down a mountain side in the meantime. On the positive end of things, the bug keeping the vast majority of PS3 players from joining online sessions has been fixed. Rockstar encourages anyone experiencing issues to report them via twitter or their support site.

If you’re still struggling to play GTA Online, don’t give up! The online mode is crazy fun. I’ve spent just as much time in missions and jobs as I have running around and goofing off with my friends. We spent a good chunk of our time playing golf and taking selfies, which is more fun than it sounds I promise. Things are only going to get better once these glitches get ironed out and the updates start rolling out. In the meantime, you could always join the Twinfinite Crew and at least try to join us for some grand thefting.

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