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Magicka Gets One Last DLC


Magicka Gets One Last DLC

In 2011, a little PC game came out that involved mages, spell-fusing, and co-op gameplay that won gamers over. Magicka has proved that the best graphics and cutting-edge technology aren’t needed to make a great, fun, and addictive game. With it’s never-ending slew of additional content ranging from being dropped in the middle of Southeast Asia to new costumes, weapons, and other locations, the downloadable title has stayed fresh, relevant, and most of all, fun over it’s two year span.

With this last bit of content, Magicka is going out with a bang. Titled Dungeons & Gargoyles, the newest DLC will conclude the fan favorite Dungeons & Daemons expansion while including some new content. Spoiler warning: There’s gargoyles involved. Dungeons & Gargoyles is available now for $3.99.

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