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The Lost Kingdom Hearts Game


The Lost Kingdom Hearts Game

Well hey, this game wasn’t lost, just really obscure. A couple months back in July, a web-based Japanese browser game titled Kingdom Hearts χ was released. I don’t know of anybody who knew about this game’s existence. Surely this is because it was only launched in Japan, but even then, I’m a little surprised there was so little word of it States-side.

The game isn’t particularly groundbreaking. In fact, it’s a lot like many other social Japanese games: you collect cards to use in battle and the cards can also be used to power up other cards. Different cards have different effects and are recycled until the battle is over. The cool part about this game, however, is how much effort was put into the art and design. At the outset you can create your own character and customize it in an art style that’s reminiscent of Theaterhytym. The resulting sprite can move around and isn’t just a little avatar that represents basic movements. Moreover, the sprites even have animations in and out of battle.

Another cool feature of the game is that it has actualized worlds. Sure they don’t look as well-made as they would on a console, but, for a browser game, the fact that the worlds available to you can actually be walked around in seems pretty significant. There does seem to be a bit of a story going on, which is surprising for a browser-based game. But, since I understand no Japanese other than assorted Pokemon names, I have absolutely no idea what it is about.

Though the game does have in-game microtransactions, you definitely don’t need to buy anything. After all, the game is free. However, as of now it is only playable in Japanese with no plans to make a Western release. Nevertheless, if you’re feeling particularly curious, you can create a Japanese Yahoo account and play it on its official website.

If any of you actually get a chance to play it, let us know what you think about it!

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